Viewing and Analyzing Pipeline Metrics in AWS CodePipeline

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AWS CodePipeline allows you to gain valuable insights into your continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflows by providing various pipeline metrics. These metrics help you monitor the health, efficiency, and performance of your pipelines. In this tutorial, we will explore how to view and analyze pipeline metrics in AWS CodePipeline.

Viewing Pipeline Metrics

You can view pipeline metrics using the AWS CodePipeline console or the AWS CLI.

Example of AWS CLI command to list pipeline metrics:

aws codepipeline list-pipeline-executions --pipeline-name MyPipeline

The response will include metrics such as the number of successful and failed executions, the duration of each execution, and the frequency of pipeline executions.

Analyzing Pipeline Performance

After obtaining the pipeline metrics, you can analyze the data to identify trends, bottlenecks, or areas for improvement in your CI/CD process.

For example, you can track the average duration of pipeline executions over time. If you notice a sudden increase in execution time, it may indicate an issue that requires investigation.

Common Mistakes

  • Not regularly reviewing pipeline metrics, leading to missed opportunities for optimization.
  • Overlooking specific metrics that can provide valuable insights into the pipeline's health and performance.
  • Not setting up the necessary permissions to access pipeline metrics.
  • Interpreting metrics in isolation without considering the context and other relevant data.


  1. Q: Can I view real-time metrics for an ongoing pipeline execution?

    No, AWS CodePipeline provides historical metrics that you can access after pipeline executions have completed.

  2. Q: How frequently are pipeline metrics updated?

    Pipeline metrics are updated periodically based on the frequency of pipeline executions and the completion of each execution.

  3. Q: Can I create custom metrics for my pipelines?

    As of the latest update, AWS CodePipeline does not support custom metrics.

  4. Q: Can I integrate pipeline metrics with other AWS services for further analysis?

    Yes, you can use Amazon CloudWatch to collect, analyze, and visualize pipeline metrics alongside other AWS service data.

  5. Q: Are pipeline metrics available for deleted pipelines?

    No, once you delete a pipeline, its metrics will no longer be available.


Monitoring and analyzing pipeline metrics in AWS CodePipeline is crucial for understanding the performance of your CI/CD workflows. By regularly reviewing these metrics and identifying trends, you can optimize your pipelines, improve efficiency, and ensure the successful delivery of your software projects.